Lake Gaston in Fog

Posted: 2020-11-06

Here are some photos of a trip to Lake Gaston on the border of Virginia and North Carolina in November 2020.

These were taken early morning as the sun was rising with a lot of fog.

You can typically see well over a mile across the lake, but this morning you couldn’t see more than a couple hundred yards.

tree in foreground left, boat dock midground right, cove and shoreline in background with heavy fog

distant shoreline reflecting in water with heavy fog obscuring sun

lake shoreline reflecting on smooth water with fog

distant shoreline with trees and barely visible boat dock, smooth water, all covered with heavy fog

a tree backed by heavy fog over water with slight distant shoreline reflection visible

lake grasses poking through water with distant shoreline on the left and a closer shoreline on the right

And here’s an outlier, the fire glass pit from straight above.

top down view of a round fire glass pit, not lit